Picture of a everything bagel

The Everything Bagel, a beautiful piece of bread with great texture and flavor. When I think of a bagel this is what I think of.

(8/10 without cream cheese, 9/10 with cream cheese).

Picture of a plain bagel

The Plain Bagel, it's a very basic bagel, it needs a lot more flavor. Still a bagel though.


Picture of a cinnamon raisin bagel

The Cinnamon Raisin Bagel, This bagel is a lot more sweet compared to the others, and you'll randomly get a raisin which makes the bagel eating expereince better.


Picture of a pumpernickel bagel

The Pumpernickel Bagel, This bagel ruins the fact that every bagel is decent. It is a discrace to bagels. It tastes like the word rye.


Picture of a asiago bagel

The Asiago Bagel, Doesn't taste like a bagel should. Too many different flavors at the same time.